*Stock images taken from the specific regions we are are visiting.


Length: 8 Nights / 9 days - April 2020

For this expedition we have chartered a comfortable, ice-hardened, expedition class ship, which we will use to explore the pack ice. It is a smaller ship, which allows us to be nimble and access areas cruise ships and other tours simply can’t reach. Two large zodiacs will be on board, which we will use to navigate among icebergs, cruise along glaciers and go ashore for unique nature and wildlife encounters.

The spring light in the high arctic is incredible. The biggest priority is polar bears, which we aim to photograph as they hunt seals on the pack ice, jumping from ice flow to ice flow, and waiting at breathing holes. However, polar bears are not the only subject. The northern arctic landscape covered in ice with an extended golden hour makes for some of the most incredible landscape imaginable. We also have opportunities for walrus, reindeer, king eider, rock ptarmigan, arctic fox, sea birds, seals.

The Ship / Accommodations:

M/S Sjøveien (meaning the Seaway) was built in Bergen in 1964 for the Norwegian Government. After being a hotel ship for the past few years, she has now been refurbished into a classic and exclusive passenger ship and started her career in Svalbard in 2017. To accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers there are eight outside cabins, all with private facilities. She is a true beauty with wooden decks and vintage details. The dining and lounge area is found on main deck. There is a lot of deck space on the main deck and there is also an excellent area on top of the bridge.

Our chef will serve three meals a day. Breakfast and lunch may be served buffet style and dinner will be served at the table. Coffee and tea are available around the clock. 



Svalbard is located halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole and offers one of the world’s most magnificent wildernesses. This vast glaciated archipelago of pack ice and dramatic mountain chains is home to extraordinary wildlife. This includes walruses, arctic fox, endemic Svalbard reindeer, and in the surrounding waters a diversity of marine life, such as whales. Last, but certainly not least, the region is home to the king of the Arctic, the polar bear.

Investment Per Person:

Double Occupancy - $12,025 USD
Single Occupancy - Will Be Provided Upon Availability. Contact Me To Discuss.
Initial Deposit Per Person - $2,500 USD
Second Payment Per Person (Due Oct 15th, 2019) - $2,500 USD
Balance Due 90 Days Prior To Departure

***The trip is designed to provide the best possible photography experience for participants. In order to achieve this, the participants were limited to a smaller number than is normal for a trip of this nature , and the complicated logistics involve high overhead costs. Therefore, the trip can only proceed with a minimum of 8 photographers.